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Ellie Barila

Hello there, and thanks for checking out my website! I'm Ellie, I'm also known by my nicknames Book of Eli, El and [Gamertag REDACTED]

My main passions includes video games, films and television shows. From the storytelling to the soundtrack, I enjoy all aspects of these media platforms.

Just in case you're wondering about the name - Chaotic Choctop/Chaoticchoctop - there's a funny story behind that. You see, every time I go to the cinema and get a choc top, no matter what, I always drop a bit on my t-shirt, my shoe or the floor.. (or all three let's be honest) No matter how careful I am! So naturally one day when I was sitting there in the cinema a thought occurred to me 'Why are choctops so chaotic for me to eat?' then the words Chaotic Choctop just ...kinda stuck in my head (I can never wear a white t-shirt to the cinema btw I'm not even kidding)

Anyway I think that's probably enough from me for now. Thanks again for dropping by, I do appreciate it!

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