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On this page below, you'll find

all my media work.

Before you do though, check out The Digital Horror Project. For one of my final uni assignments, our task was to create a fictional festival. Below is an overview of the festival itself via PDF plus a trailer. Click it... if you dare


I enjoy capturing, editing and filming a range of videos. 


Video Game Clips

Glitches, bugs and funny moments I've captured while playing a range of games

(Please enjoy the thumbnail of me hugging my PS1)


Fictional trailers

Fictional trailer for the The Digital Horror Project festival, plus a psychological thriller opening sequence


Freelance work

Here's my freelance work so far!


Audio Visual Essays

From studio A24 as an auteur to transmedia storytelling in The Last of Us


Short Films & Docos

Apparently eating chicken can make your mate a zombie?

Sound Waves

Sound Design

From sound effects to narration


I've always had a passion for all kinds of writing

Website logo Teal.webp

Freelance (volunteer)
Writer | Reviewer 
Content Creator
Social Media Assistant

Since late 2021 (straight outta uni) I joined the team at Gaming Australia as a volunteer. From video game reviews to writing up bargain guides to the latest games releasing.

Seasonal freelancer (volunteer)
Writer for the SAWFL

Since early 2021 during my final year at uni through an internship, I began my journey into the world of publishing my writing for the world to see. I've written for multiple women's divisions in the past few years. 


Creating all sorts of content


Project Potential Adelaide

In early 2023, I worked alongside Amy of Project Potential Adelaide to showcase just a bit of what they offer. You can check out the promo here

Modern Gaming Cover YouTube Channel Art.png

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Thanks for sticking around!

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